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InvestCorp Money Market Fund (IMMF)


The InvestCorp Money Market Fund is designed for safety conscious (risk averse) investors who want to invest in low risk instruments such as Certificates of Deposit, Treasury Bills, etc. through a collective investment scheme. You will have easy access to your money, and your investment will be protected against inflation. It is suitable for individuals and companies that want to put money aside but have access to it at any time while earning interest.

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Plan for other life priorities

Suitable For

Rent / Home Maintenance


Wedding Expenses

Medical Expenses

School Fees

Regular Income




Funds are invested in investment grade securities providing returns above Treasury Bill rate.


Investors can make regular contributions to meet their personal needs.


Redemptions can be made at any time and are processed within two working days of receipt of request. There are no charges on redemptions.

Diversified Portfolio

Funds are spread across different investment securities to significantly reduce risk and provide a well-rounded portfolio.

Seasoned Expertise

Investors have access to a professional Fund Manager who provides technical advice on financial planning.

premium Investor Relation

Investors are assured of a dedicated relationship manager.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.